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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Attorney in Sterling Heights, MI

Andy Hubbs is one of the most respected criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Since 2001, he has achieved phenomenal results for his clients whether they are facing charges for traffic crimes or major felony offenses. In addition to spending many hours in court every week fighting for his clients and working tirelessly on their behalf, he also spends countless hours researching case law and statutes, as well as attending numerous continuing legal education courses. In short, he strives to be the very best and to provide the very highest level of expertise and professionalism championing the rights of those he is fortunate enough to represent.

What makes the Hubbs Law Group different? Andy understands that facing criminal charges can be very stressful and challenging. He is a believer in collaborative efforts to serve his clients. In an effort to ease his client’s concerns, he maintains strong relationships with substance abuse counselors, mental health professionals, bail bondsmen, private investigators, and other team members to provide the most comprehensive, creative, and thoughtful approaches to a zealous representation and exceptional outcomes.

Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a criminal lawyer usually cost?  

Criminal lawyers base their fees on the complexity of the underlying case.  For example a lawyers will typically charge a lesser amount for a misdemeanor offense versus for a felony offense.  Fees can vary dramatically between the two types of cases, but our firm provides frequent discounts and payment plans depending on the unique facts and circumstances of the case.

How do I find a good criminal lawyer? 

I primarily recommend that you look for an attorney with experience and with a knowledge base in the specific criminal charges you are facing.  I receive a lot of client referrals from existing client recommendations and from lawyers in the community.  Client reviews on online services such as avvo.com and Google can be helpful, but it is important to be skeptical of these reviews, too.  Above all things, interview attorneys and go with one who makes you feel comfortable and is honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. 

What do criminal lawyers do?  

Criminal lawyers represent individuals who are charged by the local, state, or federal government with criminal offenses and/or violations of city ordinances or state or federal statutes.  This representation can begin as soon as there is a criminal investigation and can extend all the way to trial and possible criminal sentencing.  Attorneys attend court with their clients, discuss cases with the prosecution and the judge, and work to either negotiate a resolution resulting in a plea or represent clients at trial.

What is the difference between a civil lawyer and a criminal lawyer?  

Civil lawyers represent individuals and businesses in disputes other individuals and businesses.  Civil lawyers generally seek money damages or equitable relief to address their grievances.  Criminal lawyers represent their clients for violations of criminal laws. 


Criminal Law